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Amnelille, a particular city

The city of Amneville lies at the heart of the Val de l'Orne - Lorraine / Moselle, in France.
The site, originally dedicated to the activity of spas and recreation has had an important evolution  since the 1970’s in the tourist industry. It has thus become a highly popular site, installed in a structured way around its wooded environment.

Symbol of a perfect reconversion, Amneville was able to face the decline of the steel industry in Lorraine relying on tourism and in particular thermal tourism.

Starting from nothing, Amneville has become a city known at a European level, it has a thermal complex and tourism in its territory that offers more and more leisure, recreation and  cultural activities.

From the pool rink and the cure in the early days, today it has risen to a tourist complex including a cinema multiplex, a zoo, a gigantique concert hall, an indoor ski hill. . .

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The Context

At its inauguration in the 1950’s, the 225 000 volts line "Amneville-Montois" crossed a former heap left over from the steel industry in Lorraine. Since the 70’s, the City of Amneville les Thermes  developed first a recreational area, then a spa and tourist centre visited annually by more than 5 million people. 

In 1999, it sought an intervention by the owner of the line to improve the aesthetic appearance as part of  the global refurbishing of the site. In June 2003, an agreement was signed between RTE and the City of Amneville les Thermes. The convention lays down the responsibilities of both partners for the implementation of the artistic treatment of 4 towers located on the territory. Rather than bury the line and remove the pylons, the choice was made to highlight the high voltage line.

"SOURCE", the artwork of  Elena PAROUCHEVA, a visual artist from Bulgaria, transforms 1 255 meters line and 4 HT pylons in a monumental sculpture. 

18 months of study and 5 month work under RTE's supervision and management of   were necessary to ensure that the high-voltage towers metamorphose into dream creatures dressed in illuminated gowns. 

• The supports have been painted and equipped with guy-ropes who dress them from head to toe. 

• Each tower is highlighted by monochrome light from underneath, controlled by satellite to illuminate the work at nightfall.

The inspiration of the artist translates into a work reconciling the past and present of this territory. From an industrial territory, the steel heap has been transformed into a land of leisure.

How to transform the overhead line supports into decorative, attractive and artistic monument?

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