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March 13th, 2012 : "World Presse" WORLD  "Art and Territoty"
Exhibition: Elena Paroucheva “The esthetics of the overhead energy grides” 
Discusses: “ Art, Nature and Territory”
March 7th, 2012: "Localtis" FRANCE "We must cultivate our land"
IHEDATE Thursday, March 8th 2012, focuses on the question of relations between art and territories. An issue of attractiveness and image, which manifests itself today with the formation of metropolitan poles.
January 2012: "Trodningur" Icelandic Art Magazine, ICELAND:
Cover page - "Source" d'Elena Paroucheva et article  "The electrical artwork of Elena Paroucheva"

June 2011: "AVO" magazine,  UNITED KINGDOM, NEW ZEALAND
Article: "Pylons in dresses"  Edition by MEGGER Electrical Tester International. Article online
April 2011, N° 35 newspaper "LANDSCAPE ACTION", FRANCE
Article: Symposium "
Power Landscapes " at the University Michel de Montagne" Edition: "PAYSAGES DE FRANCE". 
December 2010, N°4: Magazine « Power  and electrical engineers », CHINE
Article:"Spring water", the French touche, Amneville - France "
Edition: CSEE Chine   Online PDF
December 2010, N°4: Magazine « Power  and electrical engineers », CHINE   封面
Cover: "Elena Paroucheva - art exhibition, international conference on energy"
Edition: CSEE Chine  
Online: www.csee.org.cn
September 2010: newspaper « PAC WORLD», USA -  Article:  "The 43rd CIGRE General Session 2010, Paris, France"
Exhibition of the artist Elena Paroucheva "Energy and Art" - Palais des Congrès, Paris

Edition: PAC WORLD, Huston USA.  PAC World

September 10th, 2010: newspaper « REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN », FRANCE - European Heritage Days 
Article:  "Heritage Power"  "The tourist office of Amnéville combines wiht the European Heritage Days  this weekend. It organizes an original guided tour: "The haute couture under high voltage".The power line will spark ...

June - July 2010, No 250: "ELECTRA", France - Photo Front cover and article "Innovative solutions for overhead line supports"  

CIGRE Edition (International Council on Large Electric Systems). 
Front cover page:  Photo "Monumental artwork Source , France" - Elena Paroucheva.     Article "Innovative solutions for overhead line supports"

June - July 2010, No 250: "ELECTRA", France - Exhibition "Energy & Art", Palais des Congrès, Paris  

CIGRE Edition (International Council on Large Electric Systems). 
Page "Energy & Art -  Elena Paroucheva: “How to transform the overhead energy supports into a decorative, attractive and artistic monuments”
Décember 2009, N°10:  « MINERIA » Magazine, Chile.
Article "Le 4th Congres of CIGRE in Santiago"  
Edition: Nueva Mineria  -  Santiago, Chile.  Photos et articles on pages 69 et 99.                          Online article, Link: Nueva Mineria & Energia
October - December 2009, N°14: Magazine « ENTRELINEAS », Spain.
Article "Dresses in light for the giants of the French energy"
Edition: Red Electrica  -  Madrid, Spain.  Cover photo and article on pages  52, 53, 54, 55. Online article: ENTRELINEAS PDF
On the website: http://e-revista.es/

September 15th, 2009: « REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN » newspaper, FRANCE - "The young ladies come to light"

" The tourist office of Amnéville combines wiht the European Heritage Days  this weekend. It organizes an original guided tour: "The haute couture under high voltage"...

June 2nd,  2009: « REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN » newspaper, FRANCE - "Des Néerlandais en admiration"  

" A group of Dutch electricians went to meet the artist who transformed completely the pylons of the thermal centre of Amneville. The imposing and air sculptures of Elena Paroucheva entice and call out beyond hexagonal borders... "
Photograph of the Dutch deputation and the artist Elena Paroucheva.

April 16th, 2009: "SPIE magazine" NEDHERLANDS - "International art on the Dutch soil" 

Edition of "SPIE", Breda - Netherlands.

"Alcazar Pleasure village in Pittershoeck is deze week het thuisfrount van de met internationale faam bekende kunsternares Elena Paroucheva..." 

March 2009: "Courrier de l'assosiation des Supélec" Magazine, FRANCE " Competition Science and Technology in European Art" 

Edition SUPELEC, France .
"Frederick LESUR accepted in the presence of the artist the 1st Price of qualified for his file on work « Source » from ELENA PAROUCHEVA... "   "Source" file

December 2008, No 213: "HEP" Magazine, CROATIA - Photo - Front cover page

"HEP Grupa" Edition, Zagreb - Croatia.
Front cover page:  Photo of the Monumental artwork Source , Amnéville les Thermes - Elena Paroucheva. Photo Deyan Parouchev. See onligne magazine

November 2008, No 212: "HEP" Magazine, CROATIA - "Art, Energie et Environnement"

Article on the exhibition of Elena Paroucheva in the Palais des Congres in Paris, on 2008. "HEP Grupa" Edition, Zagreb - Croatia.  See onligne article - page 13
It happened something similar to the case of Eiffel Tower, the main goal of origin is the wireless and radio signals (and, today, television, laser and other signals) a technological solution that is aesthetic and cultural symbol of the new technological era and the city of Paris.

October, 2008: Magazine "UTILITY T§D", USA  -  Substation aesthetics in urban environments

PENN WELL Edition: "CIGRE Brings the World, end  Art to France" 

UAE senior editor Kathleen Davis descibed attending CIGRE's biennal convention this August in Paris. See online article PDF

October - December, 2008: Magazine INDIA POWER ", INDIA - " Networks into Artworks "

Article about the work of the artist Elena Paroucheva, concept, inspiration: "The projects of Elena Paroucheva aim at emphasizing the above ground networks of energy distribution. Instead of trying to hide them in the landscape, she transforms them into artworks..."  

October, 2008, N°379: "LA DEPECHE" Edition of RTE, France - "Very Haute couture for Very High Voltage pylons in Amnéville"

Four years after their inauguration on the leisure area in Amnéville (Moselle, France), the artsworks built on the 220,000-volt line Amnéville - Montois invite to the "European Heritage Days" ...

September 18th and 19th, 2008: Newspaper « REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN », France - "The" ladies "are the stars"

The Tourist Office of Amnéville (France) joins the "European Heritage Days" in organizing a cultural tours particularly original entitled "The haute couture under high voltage" 

August 2008, No 239: "ELECTRA", France - Photo - Front cover page  

CIGRE Edition (International Council on Large Electric Systems)
Front cover page:  Photo "Monumental artwork Source , Amnéville les Thermes" - Elena Paroucheva.
page couverture

September 2007: "THE ANNALS OF URBAN RESEARCH" Magazine, France - "The city in the energy transition"

Article: Querrien Anne and Marie-Flore Mattei.
Edition of the Ministry of Ecology, Development and the Sustainable Development and the Ministry of Housing and the Urban Policy.
Visuals: Elena Paroucheva: On the cover - "Characters in situ, Defence - Paris" and on page 201 -" Cathedral in situ ".
See onligne article
See the article on the page "Extract"

February 7th, 2007: « LE COURRIER DE MANTES » Newspaper, France  -  "The artist who liked the electrical pylons"

Everyone's talking about: the great fresco of the Victor Hugo place, not far from the station: a giant trompe l'oeil which represents a confectionery: "The candy paradise". 
At the origin of this work, a woman, artist of Bulgarian origin which works on the area of Mureaux, but also in all France and in Europe many years...
Gaëlle Casellato

November 2005, No 14 :  « INTER SECTION » Magazine, France

"Art under high tension or how to reconcile decorative and metallic valleys"

October 2005:  « LE PECQ EN SCENE » Magazine, France - "An artist under high tension"

April 17th, 2005: « TRUD » Newspaper, Bulgaria - "Elena Paroucheva's electric artworks" 

January 26th, 2005: "SLIVEN DNES" Newspaper, Bulgaria - "Electric Art " of Elena Paroucheva à the salle "Sirac Scitnic"

ciel ciel

October 2004, No 7 : « CIEL » Magazine, France - "The fairy electric"

Art on the street
An peculiar work, a not ordinary approach: to bring elegance and lightness to imposing metal carcasses.
The imagination of the artist has the hill of Amnéville to become place of fashion show for immobile giants.
Here the notion of heritage conservation is central. Badly perceptible by the public, but symbols of epoch crowning steel and concrete, these pylons are kept but transformed to keep trace and memory.
They are completely transformed into beautiful women dressed in illuminated dresses while their siblings are in the medium term led to disappear from the French territory.
Symbols of water, energy, steel.
The pylons become the heart of a monumental sculpture.
A nice surprise that this unusual and attractive beautification of a heritage, sometimes, rightfully, disparaged.
Fabien CORBINAUD, "SKY" Circle of ideas for the development of the free areas

 Aougust 4th-10th, 2004: « SLIVEN DNES I UTRE » Newspaper, Bulgaria - "The triumph of our artist in the worldwide stage"

Mars 2004: « TERRAIN » Magazine, France - "Four pylons in light clothes"
Bulgarian visual artist, Elena Paroucheva sign a monumental work that draws its inspiration from the local culture. His symbolism marries the history of steel, crucible of industrial Lorraine. It also celebrates the marriage of providential water and well-being, a source of rejuvenation for the new Amnéville… 
Elena composed with reality by playing on transparency, color and fluidity. And his interpretation of elegance confrere these heavy carcasses incredible lightness. Suddenly, the springs on land métamorphose four imaginary creatures dream coated with light work together to illuminate the horizon, like a rain of stars ...
journal delnik

October 28th, 2004: « DELNIK » Newspaper, Bulgaria - "High voltage art"

The Bulgarian artist enchanted Europe with his art "High Tension". It runs in a unique voice in art - turned into works of art constructions metal power lines. 
The summit in its plan is the "Source", monumental installation accomplished with RTE, France....
Vislena Martceva - Journal « Delnik »

April 2004: « LE JOURNAL DES MUREAUX » Newspaper, France - "An artist under high tension"


February 20th, 2004: « REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN » Newspaper, France  -  "The electricity pylons in artistic source"

Who's Who would have thought?
An electricity pylon high voltage can become a artwork. In any case, the bet tried and succeeded on the tourist and spa center of  Amnéville town.
Visitors can discover four towers that symbolize a silhouette. "Source" is the name given to the work of art based on these pylons. Its creation is tantamount to an artist, Elena Paroucheva, whose project was selected by RTE (Manager Network electricity transmission). The project has been accepted by the municipalities concerned - Amnéville, Hagondange and Marange-Silvange.
The artistic aspect is undeniably a work of art modern and unique.
J.P.R. "Republican Lorraine"

January 2004:  « AMNEVILLE  INFO » Newspaper, France - "Electrical towers relookets"

February 18th – 25th, 2004:  « ATV », France - "Source" d’Elena Paroucheva"

See the article on the page "Extract"

December 13th, 2003:   « TRUD » Newspaper, Bulgaria - "Artist Bulgarian dresses mast in France"

11 6th, 2003: « REPUBLICAIN LORRAIN » Newspaper, France "When the fairy electricity is transformed into illuminated young ladies"

What a challenge for an artist to meet face to face these four support each weighing 6.8 tonnes and reaching a maximum height of 34 metres. To carry out his artistic work, Elena Paroucheva first conducted a thorough reflection on the city's history, to propose "a particular work for a particular city."The source", the name given to the project, east and entry in the history of art and electricity as a unique work on the french territory.
Delphine PAYAN, "Le Republicain Lorrain"

January 2003: « ART IN BULGARIA » Magazine, Bulgaria  - "Project Electric posts"

December 2001: « ART IN BULGARIA » magazine, Bulgaria  - "The avant - garde in Bulgaria"

July 17th, 2001: « STANDART » Newspaper, Bulgaria - " Bulgarian artist transforms the old electrical pylons into sculptures"

TV, Radio, Video

TV Toulouse
film source
August 24, 2010, Palais des Congres de Paris - Exhibition "Energy & Art" Elena Paroucheva  (video: C. Brochard, RTE France).
May 15th, 2010: FR3 - France: Emission "Passages", Documentary film "Lines and Pylons" by Maryse Bergonsat. Video online
September 11th, 2009: TV 7minutes, FR1 - France: "On the meeting of the "Young ladies" of Amnéville"  as part of the European 
heritage days. Link: TV 7 minutes

October 2008: PENN WELL , USA: "CIGRE Brings the World, end  Art to France" 

Juin 11th and 12th, 2005: TLT Toulouse, France – 11h00, 14h00 et 20h00, Report « Sculpture Europe »

May 3th, 2005: « BTV » Bulgaria – New Morning, 8h30 – Exhibition " Electric Art " in  National Gallery, Sofia

April 19th, 2005: « BNR » Bulgarian National Radio - Interview , 21h30 – 22h30 - Foreseen with Elena on exhibition " Electric Art "

      April 18th, 2005: « BNT 1 » Bulgaria – 9h00 – 9h30: Direct inerview with the artist

April 14th, 2005: « BNR Hristo Botev » New Morning, 9h00 - Reporting on the exhibition "Electric Art" at the National Gallery, Sofia

      October 1st, 2004: « BNT 1 », Bulgaria –  9h00 news: « Electric’art »

      October 26th, 2004: « DIANA CABLE », 20h30 Bulgarians news: Exhibition, Elena Paroucheva

October 26th, 2004: « SUPER VISION »,  21h00 Bulgarians news: Performance of E. Paroucheva

July 21th, 2004: « DIANA CABLE », Bulgaria - 20h30 news: Entrevue avec E.Paroucheva 

July 21th, 2004: « SUPER VISION », 21h00 Bulgarians news: Report on the work of E.P.

February 18th and 19th, 2004: FR3, France -  aux infos à 19n30: Inauguration -  the « Source » artwork 

February 18th – 25th, 2004:  « ATV », France : "The inauguration of the artwork" Source "


French manual, Bac professional Seconds - From Tower to "The Source" -  book and CD.
Two pages on the artwork of Elena Paroucheva. Understanding the creation process of an artist. How a technical object can become a work of art?
Editions CASTEILLA  France, April 2011
, 10 000 copies in circulation.         On ligne: Edition
"Innovative solutions for overhead line supports"
Booklet: CIGRE Edition (International Council on Large Electric Systems),  June 2010. 
"Energy & Art"  
Catalog of the exhibition: CIGRE, Session 43, Palais des Congrès de Paris, France - August 2010 
Pro4events Edition. Page 7: Elena Paroucheva - Art and Environment - Energy & Art

August 2009: Book, edited in FINLAND "Form and colour in the lanscape"  - History of the Finnish lanscape tower

Book by FINGRID, Finlande. Edition "Design and Layout" Helsinki. Auteurs: Maarit Kauniskangas and  Helena Hökkä.
"Finnish lanscape towers have won design awards, and one has been named a piece of Environmental Art. The Bulgarian-born artist Elena Paroucheva has created art on transmission line towers in France, by building various illuminated "dresses" on ordinary transmission line towers... " Link, FINGRID

"Networks into Artworks" Catalog of the exhibition: CIGRE, Session 42, Palais des Congrès de Paris, France - August 2008 

Pro4events EditionPage 7: Elena Paroucheva - Art and Environment - Networks into Artworks
"Sustainable Development"
Report: RTE France Edition, 2008
buitink technology

"De electriciteismast als Kunstobject" -  Buitink Technology Edition - Holland, 2004.

orange france

"Salon Integration"  – ORANGE Edition, France 2006.

"European Meeting of the Sculpture" -  Espace Bourdelle Edition 2005. 


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