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photos: pylon n°10

Source :: a monumental  artwork


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The electric fairy

A remarkable work, an out of the ordinary approach: to bring elegance and lightness to imposing metal carcasses. 

The artist’s imagination permitted Ameneville’s hill to become the runway where the immobile giants gave their fashion show.
Here the notion of conserving the patrimonial heritage is central. Badly perceived by the public, but a symbol of our times, crowning the steel and concrete, these pylons are kept but transformed to keep a trace and memory.

They are completely transformed into beautiful women dressed in illuminated gowns while their siblings on a medium term basis will disappear from the French territory.
Symbols of water, energy, steel.

The pylons become the heart of a monumental sculpture.
A nice surprise that this unusual and seductive beautification of the patrimony, sometimes, and with reason, disparaged.

Fabien CORBINAUD, "SKY magazin" 

Circle of ideas for the development of the free areas


Pylone n°10 

Title: "Source - light"

Height: 28 meters


Stay cables and tubes of stainless steel over four high-voltage pylons on the  "Amnéville - Montois" power line, carrying 225 000 voltes of electricity. 

Location: Tourist and thermal Centrer -  Amnéville lesThermes (Region Lorraine, France)

Esplanade site

57 360 Amnéville les Thermes

Artist: Elena Paroucheva

Owner: RTE France

Photos: Elena Paroucheva, Deyan Parouchev, RTE, Michel Arnault




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