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photos: pylon n°13

Source :: a monumental artwork


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When the electricity fairy  scheds into an illuminated young ladies

What a challenge for an artist to meet face to face these four supports (electric towers) each weighing 6.8 tonnes and reaching a maximum height of 34 metres. 
To carry out her artistic work, Elena Paroucheva first conducted a thorough reflection on the city's history, to propose "a particular work for a particular city”.
"The Source", the name given to the project, in this way entered into the history of art and electricity as a unique work in the French territory.

Delphine PAYAN, "Le Republicain Lorrain"

Pylon n°13 

Title: "Source - flame"

Height: 34 meters


Stay cables and tubes of stainless steel over four high-voltage pylons on the  "Amnéville - Montois" power line, carrying 225 000 voltes of electricity. 


Tourist and thermal Centrer -  Amnéville lesThermes (Region Lorraine, France)

Esplanade site

57 360 Amnéville les Thermes

Artist: Elena Paroucheva

Owner: RTE France

Photos: Elena Paroucheva, Deyan Parouchev, RTE, Michel Arnault

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