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"source"  a monumental  artwork - videos

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Environmental impact of high - voltage overhead transmission lines and wind energy supports:

The Environmental artist Elena Paroucheva inaugurated in 2004 a unique artwork: "Source" - four pylons of a high voltage power line are dressed in colorful dresses, through a tourist and thermal sity visited by 
5 million tourists a year. Then the French industrial patrimony is now a cultural heritage.

On September every year during the European Heritage Days , the artist is present for a guided tour. 

Visit to Amnéville les Thermes, France.

The artist works in the field of the visual impact of overhead networks: power lines, wind energy 
sculptures - windmills, mobil phone antennas, lighting to highways, stadiums, public spaces ... for over 10 years.

Elena's pylons -- sculptures are human pylons, beautiful ladies, birds, flowers, cathedrals ... 
according to the landscape of the country. 

See: http://www.art-elena.com/

Video production: Photos, video and post production: Deyan Parouchev.

Copyrigts: Elena Paroucheva/Deyan Parouchev/ADAGP.

Vidéo: ELECTRIC ART - Landscape towers for power and wind supports

Building of "Source" artwork,  installation during the work.

Production: "Les Assistants" - RTE/2004

Vidéo "Source":

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